Happy Hatch Day

Birthdays are for the Birds

Tim's 40?? Get The Flock Out Of Here!

The flock is in shock, Lisa is 50!

We flew in for Paul's 30th birthday! Happy Birthday!

Lordy Lordy Jessica is 40!

Isn't it Nifty? Bob is 50!

Happy flockin' 40th birthday, Ken!

Happy Birthday, You Old Bird!

You honk & we’ll flap for Fred's 60th birthday!

Feather you like it or not, it’s your 50th bird-day, Peter

Jane - a little birdie told us you’re 60!

We flew in to flip Scott the bird on his birthday!

Michael's still flying high at 75! Happy Birthday!


Flocking together for 25 years

You tickle me pink! I Love you!

Flocks of love on your Anniversary

New Home

We flew in to welcome the Miller's to their new nest!

Get the flock outta here, Myer's family

Jimmy's gettin’ the flock outta here!

Heart Phrases

We can heartly believe it's (name's) birthday!

Happy (age) birthday (name) love (name)!

(Name’s) still a heartthrob at (age) Happy Birthday!

(Name’s) still young at heart! Happy (age) Birthday!

Our hearts go out to (name) she/he’s (age) today! Happy Birthday!

(Name) is a real sweet heart at (age)! Happy Birthday!

My heart beats only for you! Happy (age) Birthday!

.My heart beats only for you! Will you Marry me!!!

Your the heart of our home. Happy (mother's or father's) day

You will always be my sweetheart. Happy Anniversay!!!

Our hearts go out to (name) she/he’s graduated today!

You make my heart go pitter patter

Beer mugs

Cheers, Beers, and Many More Years

Gamer Set

Level Up! Now Entering Level 12 Happy Birthday Tucker!

Pig Phrases

Somebody squealed it's (name) (age),Birthday

Ham it up it's (name) birthday

Hope your birthday is high on the hog

3 oinks for (name) it's her/his birthday

3 oinks for (name) he/she graduated

Happy Birthday hogs and kisses

Go hog wild it's your birthday

Cow Phrases

Cow Display or cow heart combo

My heart belongs to Mooo

My love for you is udderly endless

You are the heart of our herd

Holy cow (name)is (age)now! Happy Birthday!

(name), don't have a cow, you're only (age)now! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday (name). Hope your day is udderly fabulous!

(name) an udder year older, Happy Birthday!

(name), it's your birthday. Milk it for all it's worth!

Your (age)(name), party till the cows come home!

(name), you don't look calf your age!

Milk it for all it's worth! Happy retirement (name)!

Have an udderly fantastic retirement, (name)!

Moos flash it's (name)'s (age) birthday!

Have you heard the moos? it's (name)'s (age) birthday

Misc Phrases

A lady never reveals her age… Happy (age) B-Day (name)!

Looking good, feeling flirty, honk your horn (Name) is 30!

A moment of silence (name) is (age)! Happy B-Day!

Hi ho hi ho over the hill (name) goes! Happy (age)!

HONK! For (name) he/she’s (age) today! Happy B-Day!

(Name) my dear you’re (age) this year! Happy B-Day! (Age) cheers for (age) years!

Gee Golly Wow (name) is (age) now! Happy B-Day!

Like underwear, age creeps up on you. Bada boom bada bing (name) is doing the (age) thing.

Congrats (name) class of (year) Best wishes Honk! (name) graduated!

Class of (year) You made it, you did it, now lets celebrate it (name)


(Name) The Puppies Say It All - Happy (Age) Birthday!

Have a dog gone happy birthday

Teddy Bear

(Age) Bear Hugs For (Name's) (Age) Birthday!

(Number) Bear Hugs For (Number) Years!

Bear Hugs & Kisses For (Name) On His/Her (Age) Birthday!

Bear Hugs For (Name) & (Name's) (Number) Anniversary!

Bear With (Name), He/She Is (Age) Today!

Bearing Birthday Wishes for (Name's) (Age) Birthday!

Grin And Bear It (Name) Is (Age)! Happy Birthday!

Happy (Age) Bearthday (Name)!

Have A Beary Happy (Age) Birthday, (Name)!

Here's to (Number) Beary Special Years!

Here's To Many Beary Happy Years To Come!

I Can't Bear To Be Without You! I Love You Beary Much!

I Remembear Just Like It Was Yesterday! Happy Anniversary!

These Cuddly Friends Are Here To Say Have A Very Happy Birthday!

Un-Bear-Able At (Age)! Happy Birthday, (Name)! We Can't Bear It (Name) Is (Age)!


A Moment Of Silence (Name) Is (Age)! Happy Birthday!

Another Birthday, Another Step Closer To The Grave! Happy Birthday (Name)

It Is Better To Be Over The Hill Than Under It!

(Name) Here Lies Your Youth! Happy (Age) Birthday

RIP - Retirement In Paradise!

Tomb It May Concern Name is (Age)!

Birthday Cakes

(Name) So Many Candles, So Little Cake - Happy (Age)!

Sweets, Treats and lots of fun... (Name) is turning 1!

A Little Cake, A lot of fun, (Name) is turning 1!

Life Is Sweet! Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

(Name) Eat A Little, Eat A Lot, Eat Until You Have To Stop! - Happy (Age) Birthday!


(Name) So Many Candles, So Little Cake - Happy (Age)!

(Name) It's A Treat To Wish A Happy (Age) Birthday To Someone So Sweet!

It's A Treat To Wish (Name) Happy Sweet 16!

Our Little cupcake (Name) is turning (Age)! Happy Birthday!

Sweets, Treats and lots of fun... (Name) is turning 1!

A Little Cake, A lot of fun, (Name) is turning 1!

(Age) - Eighteen with (xx) Years Experience! Happy Birthday (Name)!

(Name) You're Not Old, You're Classic - Happy (Age) Birthday!

Life Is Sweet! Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

You're Still Smokin' Hot! Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

(Name) Eat A Little, Eat A Lot, Eat Until You Have To Stop! - Happy (Age) Birthday!

(Name) Sweets for the young and young at heart! (Double Birthday)

Traffic-Old Age Humor

Honk! for (Name) He’s 50 Today!

All Roads Lead (Name) Over The Hill – Happy (Age) Birthday!

All Signs Point To (Name) Turning (Age) – Happy Birthday!

Read The Signs (Name) Happy (Age) Birthday!

Caution! It’s (Name’s) Birthday! (Age) And Dangerous!

(Name) Life Is Full Of Detours – Enjoy The Journey – Happy (Age) Birthday!

(Name) is 50 and still stopping traffic!

(Name’s) Youth screeched 2 a stop!

Caution (Name’s) geriatric years ahead!

(Name’s) Youth sped right past him!

Yield 2 temptation — It’s UR Bday!

Let the good times roll! (Name) is 40!

If your signs aren't Old age specific:

(Name) U drive me crazy!

Stop – Say Congrats To The Graduate!


I mustache you a question, can you wish (insert name) a happy birthday

Staching through the snow on (insert name) birthday

Life is short, grow a mustache

It's never to late to grow a mustache, happy birthday (insert name)

I mustache you a question, will you marry me? (or will you go to prom with me)

My mustache made you look, its (insert name) birthday

Hairs to you, congratulations on your retirement

I mustache, you are how old? Happy birthday!


Welcome To Your New Pad (name) Family

Hop On Over To Celebrate

Look Who Made The Big Leap

Have a Hip Hoppin Birthday!

Don't croak its only 50

Hoppy 50th Birthday Hal


Hats off, Jason is graduating

Smile, its Sara's last day of school

Smile, school is out for summer (combined with smiley faces)

You made it, you did it, now celebrate it

Jump and shout, school is finally out

The tassel is worth the hassle, happy graduation

Wine bottles

Marlene is Aged to Perfection at 40 Happy birthday

Just like wine, (name) improves with age.

You had me at Merlot…Happy Birthday

(name) is too old to drink bad wine. Happy birthday

(Name) can't live by chocolate alone --- WINE!

At (Age), (name)'s most important tool is (his/her)corkscrew

Will CELEBRATE for wine! (Name)'s (Age)

Life is a Cabernet! Happy (Age) (Name)

40 (or 50), fit and fabulous. Happy Birthday (name)

You’re not old… you’re vintage! Happy Birthday

Aging like fine wine, complex & a little fruity! Happy B-Day

Cheers, marlene is 40!


Time to Par-Tee, Don is 40

Don is about to take a swing at 60

Over the meadow & through the green, betty is 30 today

He is Par fect at 40

Fore John is 50

Lordy, Lordy Look who's "Fore-ty"

Have a Tee-rific (Age) Birthday (Name)

(Name) is Fore-Tee


(Name) Have The Coolest Birthday Ever

(Name's) Still Chillin' At (Age) Happy Birthday

Chill Out (Name)! Today's Your Burr-thday

Remember The Ice Age? (name) does

TheChampagne's On Ice Happy Birthday (Name)

We Have "Happy Feet" For (Name's) (Age) Birthday

We're the perfect cure for those hot flashes... happy birthday


Once idolized, now fossilized Kay is 60

Have a Dino-mite birthday

(Name) may be (age) but not yet extinct! Happy Birthday

Have A Dino-Mite (Age) Birthday, (Name)

Have A Dino-Mite Birthday, And A Rexellent Year

No Bones About It (Name) Is (Age) Today! Happy Birthday

To A Dino-Mite Kid - Happy (Age) (Name)

Welcome to Geriatric Park (name)! You old fossil


Score A Touchdown - It's (Name's (Age) Birthday

Kick Off For (Name's) (Age) Birthday

(Name) There's No PENALTY For Turning (Age)

Flag On The Play - It's (Name's) (Age) Birthday

It's Goal To Goal and (Name's) (Age) Birthday

Stealing Youth With The Steelers - Happy (Age) B-Day (Name) - Hut Hut

Smiley Faces

Smile (name) It's your birthday!

(name) Start your birthday with a smile - or 10!(number of smiles placed in the yard)

Thanks for the (age) years of smiles! Happy Birthday

We're grinning ear-to-ear cause it's (name's) (age) birthday is here!

We wanted to start your birthday off with a smile!

Smile, it's (name's) birthday today


Cheers! The Best Is Yet To Come Happy Retirement

Cheers And Beers - Your Retirement Is Finally Here

(Name) Here's One For The Road Happy Retirement!(Name)

Cheers and Beers For Your Retirement Years(Name)

Cheers and Beers You've Worked Enough Years! Happy Retirement(Name)

Have Some Beers For Working So Many Years Happy Retirement(Name)

Start Your Retirement Off With A Beer, Or (Number)

Attention Attention (Name) can now get his pension

The best is yet to come! Happy Retirement

The first day of my retirement... Long overdue

Cheers & Beers, my retirement is finally here


Start your Retirement off with a smile- or 20

We're grinning ear-to-ear cause (name)'s Retirement is here

Don't Worry, be Happy! You're Retired

HONK! For (name) He Retired today


(Name's) Finally been put out to pasture! Happy Retirement

Holy Cow! Look who's been put out to pasture

Have you herd the moos? (Name's) Retired


Don't Worry, Be Hoppy! Hoppy Happy Retirement (Name)

For Better or for Warts! It's (Name's) Retirement

Hip Hop Hurrah, It's (Name's) Retirement


The flock wishes (Name) a Happy Retirement

We flew in for (Name's) Retirement Party

Happy Retirement (Name) You've just been flocked

Flocks of love on your retirement (Name)


Happy Birthday (Name) Thank your lucky stars 40 is the new 20

Am I seeing stars or is (Name) really (age)

(Name) you’re a superstar at (age)! Happy Birthday

Happy (Age) B-Day (Name)! Today is your day to shine

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